Ship your indie projects faster and better by learning the two key processes the big companies use to discover new ideas, rethink problems, and get to done.

Hi, I’m Chad. I’ve worked independently, on small teams, and for Fortune 100 companies. I’ve served as an Agile Coach, Consultant, Developer, Product Owner, Teacher, Technical Artist, and Animator all with two key focus areas; Design Thinking, and the Agile Mindset.

Over the years I've:

  • Shipped over 40 AAA video games

  • Built patient portals so healthcare providers can better serve their patients

  • Helped financial institutions better understand their customers, so they could better build their investment offerings.

  • Cofounded and built an online school

  • Helped develop software and infrastructure that tens of thousands of people use and benefit from

  • Coached Executives on how to better understand their employees

  • Made many small personal side projects

All that is nice for my resume, but what keeps me coming back is connecting individuals to ideas. I’m keenly interested in helping independent people understand the processes that large companies are using - so they can apply them and reap the rewards on their own indie projects.

Learning Design Thinking and the Agile Mindset will help you better understand yourself and the people who use the things you create.

Large companies (like Apple, Tesla, Fidelity, and more) are doubling down on Design Thinking and the Agile Mindset. When these big companies start measuring and running the numbers, here's what they find.

"Design-centric" companies outperformed the S&P 500 by 211%. Source: DMIEvery dollar spent on UX brings in between $2 and $100 in return. Source: Fast CompanyLower costs and higher returns lead to forward leaning projects … Agile has an advantage of 205% over traditional plan driven approaches. Source: article
The WHAT is Design Thinking. It lets you find and understand ideas and problems - without bias.

HOW to Do It? That’s the Agile Mindset. It’s all about self-awareness, growth, understanding value, and priority.

Learn to use Design Thinking and the Agile Mindset to build things you'll love making - and people will love to use.

Are you an indie dev or a small team working nocode, full-stack or somewhere in between? Then book a free, 30 minute call to see if there's a fit for us.

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